You Me And Us

南歐的溫暖旁是北歐的清涼,妳的優雅旁是我的自然。本案從女主人對普普藝術的喜好出發,玄關到廚房的地面,特意裁切馬賽克磚搭配鍍鈦框,重新拼貼成不同的普普菱形,與磐多磨結合成無縫地坪。馬賽克的磚紅色視覺延伸上立面,礦物塗料的自然與手感不僅帶進南歐的風情,也進一步開啟讓其它空間在自然中對話的想法:木質人字拼地板舖作基底,將薄荷綠、天空藍、櫻花粉、大地灰等顏色運用在不同空間,整體簡約,形成男主人要求的北歐氣質。格局在公共空間僅做部分微調,因應屋主一家的生活習慣,把動線的重心匯整在餐廳區域。僅僅 22 坪總面積的整體空間,則在兩個小孩房應用垂直設計,爭取使用面積。設計成果不但讓小朋友們擁有各自隱私,在兩人上下舖床位之間,透過洞洞隔板,讓哥哥和妹妹可使用直接或透過傳聲筒通話,增添生活趣味也讓睡前聊天的習慣持續進行。有妳、有我,還有我們的愛-這,就是家最純粹的樣子。


It is the best of both worlds, the warm elegance of the south meets the nordic smooth natural breeze. Directly inspired by the owner’s love of pop art, a whole slab of mosaic tile is trimmed down to different sizes of rectangular shapes and fit into a single frame made of titanium plating. The rest of the floor then gets the pandomo treatment to create an overall seamless appearance. The warm brick-red color tiles extend up to the wall, which shares the same mineral paint color and opens up possibility of cooperation between the different spaces not unlike a dialogue between them. Herringbone wood flooring laid down the groundwork, while a myriad of different colors, from grey to blue to pink to mint green, each finds their ways to different parts of the house. Per the owner’s request, everything is kept Nordic – smooth and minimal.Not much is changed to he general floor plan other than some minor tweaks here and there. The dining room area is the center of the traffic flow. This is a design decision that suits the family best. With the overall space of 73m², the children’s bedroom now gets a redesigned bunk bed that simulates two separate rooms. Not only does it retain the ideal privacy for each children, the partition has holes drilled into it for a fun little design touch while still allows the brother and sister to communicate either through the old school paper cup megaphone trick or the good old art of conversation. The love of you, and me and everyone else in the family, together they are the makeup of the home concept in the purest sense possible.



面積|22 坪(73 m²)     居住成員|4     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|3 房 2 廳 2衛     主要建材|磚、鍍鈦、磐多魔、礦物塗料、鐵件、木地板、烤漆