Trajectory of Life


座落在山林的靜謐生活,不一定是簡約隱士的專利,仍然可以擁抱現代、摩登舒適,而且處處是風景。這個座落在竹北山區,90坪的透天別墅,由入住那一刻,一點一滴地改變著一家人的生活。因為貼近自然而愛上木頭的屋主,將木頭融為家具,將那份自然的質感化為家裡教人放鬆的力量。三面環景的客廳,讓窗外綠意成為空間的主角,豐沛明亮的採光配上木質視聽櫃,不張揚地將室外自然延伸進來;然而輕鬆拉下遮光窗簾,客廳轉眼成為家庭相聚的小型電影院。綠意風景延伸至書房、主臥,窗外大片綠意與樹梢,與陽光結合室內自然質樸,抬頭起來的每刻, 盡是教人放鬆沉靜的情境。一樓家人凝聚情感的廚房餐廳,白色素雅的主色調襯上木質中島餐桌,同樣將輕鬆清爽的氣息滲透在整個空間裡;一旁屬於小朋友的圖書館,開門就能讓在廚房的家長互動照顧。因為這個療癒系的家,主人甚至動手在陽台做起木工為撿回來的流浪狗打造小屋。在這裡,大人放鬆了忙碌的心境, 小孩亦添上了自由與歡樂。


Embracing life in the mile-high no longer mean seclusion from the modern world, and you still get to enjoy the views. This is a 300 square meter condo located in suburbs of Zhubei City . The owner shares a passion for wood and nature, which explains the calm vibe exuded from the heavy use of wooden furniture in the house. The living room is surrounded by greenery and further aided with ample lighting, to the point where it seemingly feels like nature is being recreated indoor. That changed, though, when the blinds are down, as the home theater reveals itself. More green is found in the study as well as the master bedroom. A slightly different vibe emerge as we make it to the kitchen and the dining room, where white takes over as the main color and wood finds itself in the main dinner table. There is also a small library for the children sits nearby for easy parental access. Relaxation and feeling homely are the main themes for the house,  so much so that the owner build a little dog house right on the balcony for their pet. This is a property that is homely enough for the grown-ups, yet playful enough for the young ones.



2016 築巢獎 / 別墅空間金獎


Photography|Hey! Cheese

面積|90.5 坪(299 m²)     使用成員|4     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|6 房 2 廳 3 衛