The Invisible Protection


作為台灣首座具規模的警察史蹟館,這個難得的空間保存了自清朝建立警察制度、日據時期至今,百餘年來關於台灣警政歷史的變革 。 我們從沒注意到,警察是時時刻刻無處不在,默默地隱身在社會上不同的角落守護著我們。因此史蹟館空間的主要設計概念,以一隻碩大的金吾鳥(警鴿)翱翔於空中由上俯視為其輪廓,象徵著民眾們總是在不知不覺間受到保護;以3D列印技術打造、懸掛在空間中的「警鴿吊燈」,有的發亮、有的被照亮,就如那些在明或在暗裡保護我們的無名英雄; 帶著光源的警鴿與櫃體上方象徵警帽帽簷般的黃色燈條,指引出安全的參觀動線;配合地毯上深淺灰色及藍色,分別代表內外兩圈環狀動線外,也象徵了警徽圖騰。在這裡,看不見的是無時無刻的保護,看得見的是值得你細細了解的警察歷史。


As the very first police history museum in Taiwan, it contains documents and memorabilia from over a century of police work, some dated way back to the turn of twenty century, to the duration of Japanese colonial period and the modern days. The main design concept is based on the fictional bird that inspired the police logo of today. Legend has it that the bird would watch over empirical officials during the Han dynasty. The bird symbol later was used as police symbol perhaps to draw parallel to the tireless, constant protection of people from the police force.
We take inspiration of such idea and design a huge bird symbol, together with the 3D-printed bird-shape lights to present the nameless, careful watch person of police men and women. Yellow light strips, a cue inspires by the brim of police caps, work in conjunction with the bird lights to point out the way of exhibition. Different shades of grey and blue, while demonstrate circulation, also serve as a design nod to the police logo. Police history is also the history of protection of the people. We hope our designs have subtlety reflect and relay the very important message to the public.



2015 現代裝飾國際傳媒獎 / 年度展示空間大獎


Photography|Hey! Cheese

面積|123 坪(407 m²)     房屋狀況|中古屋     主要建材|木作、鐵件、鋼板、清玻璃    設計|馥閣設計整合有限公司    施工|瓦硯室內裝修工程有限公司