Sunny Breeze



The design principle for this project is largely inspired by having a minimalistic take on the interior, this style in particular is made popular by the Japanese brand Muji to the point where ”Muji style” becomes a universal short hand for functional, minimal and understated designs. We, like the owner who shares a passion for all things Muji, decide to present our interpretation as we take on this project. Natural lighting and the general warm texture inject a vibe of effortless comfort into the house. Kitchen is now semi-open with glass pull doors installed to shield the rest of the house away when needed, and the kitchen island becomes a visual bridge to the rest of the house – living room, piano room, dining room…etc. A combo of light color scheme and the use of wood result very little need for any extraneous decoration, which further plays into the idea of a simple, soothing, and natural look for the home life.



面積|32.5 坪(174 m²)     居住成員|3     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|4 房 2 廳 2 衛