Small but Flexible



Housing needs of the modern days tend to call for small and flexible solutions. We want to establish a seamless circulation from the kitchen to the bedsit and all the way to the back porch. So we start with having a convertible twin bed that can be turned into a couch for some spacial flexibility; The living room is designed with emphasis on versatility – a family space that actually fits the different needs of family members, be it music, wine, or other form of relaxation. The mezzanine area is the official kid’s corner. It came equipped with tempered glass layer structure so that everyone can have their own space without sacrificing interaction. This is a house where little design details are made based on practical and keen observation of family life. With enough emphasis of the needs of individual family members, comes a healthier, stronger family.



2017 TID Award 台灣室內設計大獎 / 居住空間類微型 TID 獎


Photography|Moooten Studio

面積|8.5 坪(28 m²)     居住成員|3+1     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|1 房 1 廳 1 衛     主要建材|鐵件、拓采岩、強化玻璃、木皮、木地板、黑板漆、乳膠漆