Shang Qun Animal Hospital


隨時代變遷,獸醫漸漸從過往不受重視,發展成具專業度與值得專敬的的行業。當為這家歷史悠久的動物醫院重新設計時,主要訴求是提升專業度形象,同時塑造乾淨、衛生且舒適的環境,讓寵物飼主能放鬆心情,陪同心愛的貓狗到醫院就診。門面以明亮通透的玻璃配以巧妙的燈光設計,從外觀先給予親切且專業的印象;室內空間設計上, 以對待寵物如待人般尊重禮遇為首要,不單將貓與狗的診間保持區隔不互相干擾,亦讓寵物們(尤其是貓)能更放鬆穩定地看診, 擁有私密與尊嚴。為改善診療間狹小卻又需要放滿各種器具的需求,將專業醫療器材設定於理想的動線,馥閣團隊量身訂造了結合診台、清潔與收納的多功能診療櫃,精算診台斜度,配上泡沫出水的水龍頭,方便診台清潔,同時整合放置各種器械工具的位置, 從外觀到實際需求,嶄新地呈現出專業可靠,尊重寵物而且舒適乾淨的動物醫院形象。


Veterinarian as a profession is enjoying their resurgence in the modern time, as history has once again needs skilled and compassionate people to care for our furry family members. As we take on the renovation duty for an long-established animal hospital, we aim to design a clean yet soothing environment for both the owners and their little friends alike. For the exterior we use glass and clever light design for a cozy yet professional outlook. Inside we differentiate sections for cats and dogs so that they can be separately and comfortably treated. Animal hospital tends to be smaller in size yet the need of space for tools is just as evident as other medical fields. Tools and machines need to be set with easy access in mind,  and for that we custom design a system that doubles up as examining and wet tables. We take the optimal angle of inclination for the examining table, install specialized faucet while figuring out tool placement for the ideal workflow. From the inside and out, we present design solutions that placed the well being of animals to the forefront, while equally emphasize a sense of tidiness and professionalism.


Photography|Figure X Lee Kuo-Min Studio

面積|20 坪(66 m²)     使用成員|10     房屋狀況|30 年老屋     格局|8 房 1 廳 1 衛     主要建材|美耐板、磁磚、鐵件烤漆、烤漆玻璃