Project No. 210

Live By the River 河畔的低調法式風情



Adequate amount of lighting and the surrounding environment are critical to set the right mood. Done with a full day’s work, it’s time to switch into a more relaxed mindset. This is a house nestled by the river, with great lighting and an even better view, so try to install a sense of ease and comfort only seems natural. Main study room and the master bedroom are decorated with different shades of purple, and the living room’s wood accents resonate with the owner’s personality and a nod to the environment. This is the type of house that sets the tone, and brings along new streams of energy. A great vibe can make all the differences in the world, and this house is certainly no exception of such.


Photography|Hey! Cheese

面積|18坪(60m²)     居住成員|2     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|2房1廳1衛