See the Sky Feel Alive




City dweller lives right within a jungle of concrete and iron hides, designed to trap us in. To deal with such difficult reality, we owe it to ourselves to create our own scene. An angular outlook of the house provides openings to different parts of the street, which give ways to a variety of lighting potential. The elevated reading area and dining table together form a comfort zone, like a wheel that propels family dynamic. The heart and soul of the family often starts in the living room, and this house makes sure it sticks to that very important principle.


Photography|Hey! Cheese

面積|186 坪(615 m²)     居住成員|5     房屋狀況|新成屋(自地自建)     格局|4 房 5 廳 5 衛     主要建材|石材、格柵、木皮、鐵件