Life in the Park




Living close to a park is crucial for kids and adults who might just prefer spending their precious down time closer to nature. A sand playground here for the little ones, with some space to hang out for the grown-ups can be extremely valuable. Living in and around nature brings a sense of coziness and some much-needed energy into the family life. The Nordic style furniture goes right along with an open, relaxing environment, not to mention the nice addition of a custom made metal swing. A home that feels like nature and based on comfort bring a liveliness and energy that can oftentimes be missing in other modern homes.


Photography|Hey! Cheese

面積|室內25坪+露臺25坪(83m²+83m²)     居住成員|3     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|2房1廳1衛     主要建材|荷蘭栓木、核桃木、杜邦人造石、無手印玻