House of the Mystic Art


冷調中溫暖,剛硬中柔軟,一個神秘的天蠍座,一個給她安全感的家。礦物塗料從地坪使用到牆面,帶進大自然能量。清水模塗料則透過玄關、吊櫃、樑柱一路延伸入內,和木作烤漆交錯出不同的灰階色度。摩登的文青綠運用在過道空間,引領訪客正式進入屋主的直播餐桌。所有機能隱藏在低調的黑色皮革櫃體中,磁性軌道搭配不同的燈具,讓光源能輕易調整變化,餐桌形成有如舞台般的焦點所在。弧體的小半樓,一面是電視牆及管線的收藏之處,一面則是極具安全感的秘密基地。上下層都可眺望綠意與天空,高度創造了不同的視野和對話。鞦韆自由擺盪,在空間中盪起一陣又一陣地愜意與隨性。架高榻榻米區,搭配升降桌,無論寫作或休憩,都是一個能靈活使用的場域。改造後的整體空間開放舒適,除了引進綠意及光亮,更讓人忘了這是個樑下最低高度僅有兩米一三、樓層淨高兩米六八的 30 年老屋。生活最好的模樣,無非是最大程度的自在。最自在的模樣,又無非是充份自然的狀態。這是一個神秘安全的基地,乍看高冷,其實溫暖知性,和屋主一樣。


Combining clean look to a warm and fuzzy interior, this house is capable being fierce or supple when the occasion calls for. It is also a safety net for her, a Scorpio’s rightful nest. Power of nature channels its way into the house, with mineral paint done from the floor to the wall and extends all the way inside. Different shades and textures of grey shows up in the entrance, wall cabinets, and the columns through with the use of mineral paint in concrete grey as well as spray-on paint in some sections. Moss green is found in the walkway overhead for a touch of smart modernity, as it is parts of the official welcome to the legendary dining table – one that has been the stage of the owner’s long-running, immensely popular astrology streaming show. Functional elements of the cabinets are wrapped under a discreet black leather exterior. Magnetic rails get paired up with lighting kits for the ease of operation and ambient versatility, both on and off work. An arc-shape mezzanine here pulls a double duty – on one side it serves as a TV wall and keeps wires and cables in place, and it also turns into a tuck-away spot in the house to relax. Greenery and a view outside are always visible at different parts of the house, while different heights in the ceiling makes great use of the space for different visual experience. A swing is installed to symbolize being free and at ease. To further bring functionality and versatility into the rest of the house, an elevated section of tatami teams up with the table of adjustable height for any writing and resting needs. For a house well into its third decade and standing at 2.68 m, the minimum height under the beam is only 2.13 m, the modification has given it a new look, along with some sun and greens inside. Life is best lived with a free mind feeling at ease. An all around base with a great mix of style and substance. A place that with smart features yet looks the part, is perhaps the perfect low-key and mysterious symbol of the very woman who calls it home.



2020 荷蘭 FRAME AWARDS / Longlist

2020 義大利 A’ Design Award / SILVER 銀獎



面積|46 坪(152 m²)   居住成員|1    房屋狀況|30 年老屋     格局|1 房 2 廳 2 衛 3 多功能室 3 陽台 2 儲藏室 1 更衣室

主要建材|清水模塗料、礦物漆塗裝、無縫防水地坪、鐵件、石材、系統板、木作烤漆、不銹鋼、榻榻米、地磚、薄磚、玻璃 、地毯、綠植景觀