將傳統木造房屋結構精神轉換至電視牆前的木圓柱,搭配深藍色礦物塗料與刻意隱晦的燈光設計,凸顯材質本身的自然紋理與手感,在安靜之中帶來詩性的和風美感。風琴簾與障子的使用,將所有入室光線變得溫柔委婉;塌塌米顛覆傳統使用方式,製作成主臥床頭,搭配麻料床被單,形成另一道舒適觸覺。格局上,在臥室與書房之間以架高廊道串連,讓兩個房間與公共領域形成回字動線,使用者們在這 17.5 坪的室內空間行走時,少了壅擠,也多了靈活與變化。架高廊道不僅串連室內兩個房間,同時也向戶外陽台延伸,石磚材質反向從戶外鋪進室內,模糊了室內外界線,造成的空間曖昧,是對日本人文特色的轉譯表現。氣淑風和,如沐和風。這個案子裡有著各種對日式的理解與轉換,日式空間,能有日味,也有新意。


This particular project is to present design ideas through a Japanese lens. Like the wood column by the tv wall is a homage to traditional cabin structure, and to match it up with navy color mineral paint on the wall along with the strategically dim lighting. The spotlight here is put on the grainy feel of the wood, and it is done through a particularly natural and low profile Japanese way. Lighting coming into the room is filtered through the Honeycomb Shades and Japanese style window to make it soft and gentle. Tatami, the thick, traditional woven straw mat now makes up the bedhead to work together with hemp bedsheet for all-night comfort. Bedroom and the study are connected by an elevated hallway. Between the two rooms and the public area, an interconnected, rectangular traffic line makes it easier to walk and promotes better spacial flexibility, something that is paramount given the 58m² of room available. The elevated hallway extends out to the patio as the stone tiles makes its way inside. The ambiguous boundary of the inside and out is a call back to the Japanese aesthetics. This project is the reinterpretation to the Nihon design sensibility, while breathing new ideas into it, like a gentle breeze.



2019 台灣 TINTA 金邸獎 / 陳設裝飾空間 優選獎

2019 中國 TINTA 金騰獎 / TOP 100



面積| 17.5坪(58 m²)   房屋狀況|實品屋     格局|2 房 2 廳 1 衛    主要建材|礦物塗料、木皮、障子、風琴簾、塌塌米、石磚