Enjoy A Moment of Tranquility


家,從來不只是個下班後放鬆休息的角落,而是一個能讓你愜意地慢慢沉殿享受的地方。尤其對於經常花時間在家照顧家庭與小孩的主婦,家更是擁有無可取代的重要角色。以木皮、鐵件、配上簡潔線條與素雅淡色調打造而成的家,可以為生活帶來寧靜、沉潛的氛圍; 專為熱愛料理與手作的媽媽量身打造的廚房中島,是她展現廚藝與家人相聚的中心,也是她待在家裡練習手作興趣,同時能整齊收納、保持乾淨的空間。靜靜流瀉的優雅與雋永在這家裡,讓人待下來就不想離開。


Home should not be a get away place for work, it’s a place to settle down and invest precious time in. And that is especially true for housewives as they spent so much time and effort manning the house ans kids. So a home with clean lines, light color and the right hardware should always present a soothing sense of ease. Built exclusively for moms that make magic out of food and passionate of making things by her very own hands, kitchen island is center to the family. With great vibe, excellent food, and a place that is homely and inviting, what’s not to like?



2016 現代裝飾國際傳媒獎 / 年度家居空間大獎入圍


Photography|Moooten Studio

面積|30.5 坪(101 m²)     居住成員|4     房屋狀況|20 年老屋     格局|3 房 2 廳 2 衛     主要建材|木皮、鐵件、鍍鈦、烤漆