Elegant Balance of East and West


This is a household of two generations of contrasting tastes, which see the elderly enjoy their traditional Chinese decor while the young ones favor the modern, western design sensibility. Blending the polarizing tastes becomes our priority. We jump start the design process for this 132 square meters space with equal inspiration from western aesthetic cues and oriental lifestyle. Go for neutral color choices on the western style wall panels while having light green as the main color of choice. Ink texture marble serves as the main visual element that connects the lobby, living room and the kitchen. This is our mish mash of oriental sensibility on top of a western base. Sleek and contemporary furniture pairs up with indigo-color items to complete the east-meets-west marriage. Behind the TV wall we build a dual purpose shelf for the mother’s antique collection, with cabinets to contain the items and to be propped open and blend into the rest of the house if needed, which is definitively a great centerpiece for family gathering. In a house of contrasting taste and sensibilities, between everyone in the house and the family, we hope this home belongs to them and serve as the unique balance between the unique individualities in the household.



面積|40 坪(132 m²)     居住成員|4     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|3 房 2 廳 2 衛     主要建材|石材、鐵件、鍍鈦、烤漆、壁紙、壁布、玻璃、木皮