Elegant Andante


行板,是一種含有優雅情緒的稍缓速度,更是一種舒服的生活節奏。這個屬於媽媽和兩個女兒的 32 坪居家,是現代女性遠離工作忙碌緊繃後,放慢心境回歸安靜的私密角落。連貫的客廳、餐廚、工作區,搭配柔和的色彩,洋溢著優雅明亮的寬敞舒適;素白配上玫瑰金的鐵件延伸組合在玄關、開放式書櫃、女兒房間,讓整體不著跡地流露著一份細緻的女性優雅,搭配溫潤的綠意盆栽,為生活挹注豐沛自然綠意。無論是感性談心,細賞影片,甚至喝杯咖啡,都要優雅地放慢生活。


The concept of andante originates from mid 18th century Italy, to conveniently describe music that is moderately slow. Today we find many more usages of the word, and if you could live with confidence and comfort, an andante way of life is probably just as good as it sounds. A 106 square meters that belong to a mom and her two daughters, it is their safe personal haven away from the bustle and hustle of life. The house features interconnected living room, dining and work area, all of which are characterized by soft color choice and ample amount of light. Matte white and rose gold frame can be seen from the entrance, open bookshelves, to the girls’ rooms for a touch of effortless femininity. And it is always a plus to have greenery in the house. Elegance is an attitude, a projection of effortless cool. With the right pace and the right set of mind, elegance exudes. Wither it is catching a movie or a cup of coffee and conversation with the best of pals, they should all be carried out in the right tempo. Just ask the Italians.


Photography|Highlite Images


面積|32 坪(106 m²)     居住成員|3     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|3 房 2 廳 2 衛     主要建材|木皮、鐵件、油漆、地磚、烤漆