A Life Roams Free


台北市內湖四期指標美學建築,文心日日 A1 戶,馥閣實品屋一號!




The public area of this project sees art and creativity collide, so our inspiration aims to be a direct callback at such. The semi-circular stair design also plays a big part to the overall design concept. We expand the arc motif into different parts of the house. Starting with an arc-shape cabinet not only to separate sections but to create an unique traffic flow to promote the overall sense of space, especially upon entering the room. The different heights between the entrance, living room, the dining and study room is yet another design cue for a feel of spaciousness. A multi-purpose acrylic table is commissioned to work between the study and the dining. Together along with painting courtesy from the work of artist Ya-Ting Kao, a nice collaboration of art and creativity for the unique expression of interior. We opt for some stripped-down french moulding ceiling pattern to provide a sense of layering when looking up, along with an added touch of elegance. This house is our idea of slow life. Life is at its best when you tread along at your own pace, and spin it into your own take. Nothing beats a life of freedom and fun.



2019 義大利 A’ Design Award / BRONZE 銅獎



面積|20 坪(66 m²)    房屋狀況|實品屋     格局|2+1 房 2 廳 2 衛    主要建材|烤漆、鐵件、壓克力、黃銅、玻璃、礦物漆、雕花線板、木質地板