You Are What You Live




A property with a owner of strong personality and a myriad of different passions in fashion, classic Chinese poetry and oriental culture. Given his strong passion on these aspects of life, we decide to focus on putting these elements together as we start the designing process for this residential condo. The floor plan of this condo draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese architectural idea. Traditionally, structural concept of a building composes of a main building, a courtyard and different wings. So the inside of this condo is also part of the building overall. The living room, kitchen and the dining area is the main portion of the house, through which a corridor into the wing (master bedroom). The same concept applies on the way to the daughter’s room, where it starts in the main portion and through the courtyard (study room). Another obvious clue we borrow from Chinese traditional architecture is the pitched roof structure for the living room, dining room and kitchen. And the roof tiles for the courtyard study. We choose to simplify traditional Chinese symbols and turn them into metal window grilles and handles, and pair them up with wood and fabrics for a sense of warmth. In the kitchen we employ reflective material for it to work in conjunction with natural light to create this inverted mirror effect, which is another nod to traditional Chinese landscaping. So it is no secret that the design theme of this particular project is to expand on both the old and new elements while make them coexist in harmony, much like its passionate and versatile owner.



面積|52.5 坪(174 m²)     居住成員|3     房屋狀況|新成屋     格局|3 房 2 廳 2 衛     主要建材|木皮、磚、塗料、鐵件、玻璃