All About Story,看不見的設計,看得見的情感。


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Quiet is the New Loud.

‘’FU’’ is synonymous to ambience, or a vibe that operates discreetly. ‘’GE’’ is to have form followed by function, substance over the ever-changing style. It is the commitment to designing space the right way. ‘’FU-GE Design’’ stands for our idea of the aforementioned characters, as we take designing back to its essentials – a user-centric design philosophy both on the inside and out. At FU-GE, we intertwine space functionality and circulation according to the environment and user preference. A FU-GE design puts user front and center for a heartfelt living experience further accentuated by the interior, while presents its unique vision of life.

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黃鈴芳/Ling-Fang Seren Huang

設計經歷 16 年,2009年創立馥閣設計。曾獲德國 iF 金質獎、德國紅點獎、日本 Good Design Award、臺灣 TID 金獎、金點設計獎、中國築巢獎、金堂獎、現代裝飾傳媒大獎…等眾多知名設計獎項。擅長以細膩的心思挑戰並創造空間尺度,被譽為臺灣最具國際設計能力的女性設計師之一。對於設計總有天馬行空的想法,設計的初衷,是讓每一個人每天都接觸自己喜歡的空間,喜歡自己在生活中的樣貌。堅信好的設計應該要隱形於空間中,讓使用者自然地感受,體驗無形的設計能量。

Ling-Fang Seren Huang, with her immense creativity, is someone who firmly believes the purpose of design is to help user discover a sense of personal identity and repurpose such into their home life. A good interior design for her is one that elects to stay in the background, yet subtly exudes its unique energy to the inhabitants.